Monday, November 7, 2011

No shooting please!

Hola Family!

This week was my first really rough week. People kept dropping appointments, and just not a lot happened. It is really crazy. Don’t worry though, we had a decent day yesterday and have been fasting every week. Things will get better.

There are some really crazy people out here.. I kind of miss the niceness of the west. We met a lady who was almost scared of us because of "who we are associated with" I asked her why she would be scared of someone associated with Jesus and she didn’t really have an answer . My favorite people are the Born-Again Christians though. They always have really really crazy stories! They are always interesting and somewhat superfluous but they love to share them and we love to listen.

Have i told you guys about Carl? Carl is an older African American man who the lord really has prepared. Only one problem, he is very scared to be baptized because everyone in is family is Southern Baptist and he doesn’t want to cause a problem. He has a really strong testimony of the church though and loves us missionaries. He calls us the "Men in Black!" lol We always have to wear our black pants when we go over there or he gets disappointed with us. He is such a cool guy and we are hoping he comes to the conclusion that he really needs to be baptized by someone holding the authority from god.

Also, we have a new investigator named Terri Berry, She is a character!!!  This lady loves the gospel and is reading the Book of Mormon, she knows Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book "has to be the word of god" but she also thinks she is an exorcist and kind of like one of those people that deal with paranormal stuff. It is crazy some of the stories she tells about when she met demons and stuff. She is great though we are just worried that she will preach false doctrine a lot. She is wonderful though and loves to talk.

The ward here is great!! Our ward mission leader is the man, and this guy Brother Wolfley seriously rocks when we take him to lessons. We always call him because he is the most help. The ward here is good though and they are starting to warm up to us and invite us over, at first they didn’t want to feed us because of bad experiences with missionaries before. Things are changing in this area though. For the better.

So part of missionary work is also visiting Part-Member or Less-Active Families. In doing this, we met Mike Eberhart. He is clinically insane and part deaf. We didn’t know this at the time though. Mike thinks we are detectives from the church and has a strong dislike of the bishop because her thinks the bishop, along with older missionaries, tried to drug him and steal his truck. It is always an adventure when we go over to see him. However, we aren’t allowed to go over there anymore, it isn’t necessarily safe.

Well, I haven’t been shot at, yet and we work hard every day. I love it out here. Dad mentioned that there are probably good places to eat, but truth is i just don’t have money to eat there haha. We are very very cheap when we eat out :)

I love you all and I miss you tons! That was my week though. It has been raining a lot but it isn’t to cold, yet..... I hope everything is getting better!

Elder Kirk David Phillips

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