Sunday, January 22, 2012


Well I did my first confirmation today. It was quite terrifying. I think that I did good though. I have another one next week. The baptisms are coming left and right. Lol. We are starting to find families and people who are truly prepared. It is amazing.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I'm going to be a trainer this transfer. I have only been out for 3 months can you believe it? I figured out that I am not really good at a lot of things, but I am really good at missionary work. I try so hard to have the spirit with me everywhere I go. People just see it. Even one of our investigators is like whoa, you dont even look the same anymore hahaha.

So, as far as the work goes, my companion and I opened this area 3 months ago. Yesterday we set the first 2 baptismal dates and we will have 2 more later this week. It has been a great 3 months with a lot of hard work and being super obedient. Our numbers last week went through the roof. I am so excited for these next 2 tansfers:) because I am training, I will be here for another3 months:) Yipee! 

Things out here have been way nice it has been like warm outside. It is way weird but Im not complaining. We tract a lot but it is so much fun getting out and talking to people and we always meet really crazy people haha. but also we have about 9 investigators right now that we teach pretty regularly and 4 of them should be baptized this month.

It is so incredible to see the change that this gospel brings about in the lives of these investigators. We have one lady who quit smoking and just seems like a completely different person. She is happy which is kind of a new thing for her. I truly do love being a missionary and because of the lord I truly can say that I am pretty good at it:)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Becoming a trainer

Hey Family,

Good news, I am going to be a trainer!! Jeez that never happens to missionaries that have only been out three months. It is a really cool responsibility.

I was wondering if you could get me some space bags for when I do have to move. For now I am staying in the same area and I will be here for another 3 months. I am really excited and we have a lot of good things going on here.

The winter here has been really weird too. Some days have been hot and others really cold so I don’t know what to expect. I hope that we just skip winter..

Things are going great though and tell dad that i appreciate that comic it is way funny.

Is there anything i can get for you guys? Oh, also, do you guys have an extra set of clippers that you can mail out to me so I can cut my own hair?  It is so much better to just do it myself. and a sonicair toothbrush if you are feeling really generous J.

Thanks for all the cereal I am loving it!

Tell Kylie that I am proud of her and to keep up the good work and tell Sierra to just keep on keeping on haha she will find a girl to be her friend one day. Maybe the lord doesn’t want her to be friends with any of those girls. I miss you guys a lot and I hope you are doing ok..

I love you

Elder Phillips