Monday, November 14, 2011

"Baby Mama" Chevy and bikes :)


About the card, I don’t know how it got over drafted so much. I only paid for my suitcases, and a few other things. I won’t spend any more of it for a long time though sorry about that. And the letters that i send are personal for you, they just can be sent to other people too. Did you guys want me to handwrite you guys letters too? that would be really hard, but i could try.
How is my facebook doing? are you updating it lots with the stuff i say? I expect that you are really getting a kick out of that haha.

Anyway, I miss you guys a lot! This week has been a crazy one. It is hard to keep motivated when everyone that you try to get appointments with, drop their appointments. It is way ridiculous. We have a couple of new potential investigators though.

One is a younger African American kid named Chevy, Chevy has a "Baby Mama" and works in "sales". Kind of sketchy i know but he is really interested in the Book of Mormon and we have gone over and prayed with him a couple times. Also, Carl is about ready to set a date for baptism, i will probably set it tomorrow then, I will have my first baptism! Assuming that he doesn’t chicken out. He is an amazing guy and I love being out here sharing the gospel and seeing how it changes people’s lives.

I finally went and got my bike! Thank You!! It is really nice and i promise to take good care of it. But if i have learned anything about bike areas, they involve lots of crashing hahaha. I will be careful though but thanks!

Since my companion is the District Leader, i get to go on exchanges all over our district. This is way fun, because i get so see all of the rich areas and I even got to see Albert Pujols House. He is like a star player for the St. Louis Cardinals. Also, the guy who owns Willy Wonka, he lives in our District and is actually a member. Crazy right?

Well, not to much exciting stuff happened this week im sorry. I did meet lots of people in other areas, that were truly prepared by the lord but in my area, things are kind of rough. I hope that they start to look up soon though! :) Pray for me!

I love you Lots!! I miss you too!!


Elder Phillips

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